The Baking Diva - Great Tasting Cupcakes

I am a stay at home mother who has the passion and loves to cook and bake.  Over the last 15 years I have been honing my baking skills through family events and holidays.  My love for cooking and baking have netted me a house full of cookbooks, baking material and cooking equipment.  In order to gain more experience I became a Cook for Fairfield City Schools once my daughter’s got older to learn food safety and the in’s and out’s of an industrial kitchen, during this time I became ServSafe certified.  The last several years I have baked for friends, family, and coworkers and always got a lot of positive feedback, my husband has stated that my cupcakes are to die for lucky me...  Once I baked cupcakes for my nephew’s graduation party and received tremendous feedback I decided then that this is my calling... So, I took a leap and started The Baking Diva.

Please check out my cupcakes and feel free to contact me with questions